When Began Oct. 1st 2015


​Oct. 1st began the One a Month Campaign.  The One a Month campaign points out that in one quarter 3500 + residents could be released from the effects of off label antipsychotics and in one year, 14,000 + residents - or approximately 15% - could be antipsychotic free.  

Who's Involved

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Why Reduce Off Label Antipsychotics


​Antipsychotics are a medication that works in the brain, which may help to block certain chemicals that can cause symptoms of psychosis, such as hallucinations or delusions. Studies in nursing homes show many times it is safe to gradually reduce the dosage of these medications and ultimately discontinue their use, for residents who do not have a diagnosis for which the medication is designed to treat and is considered off label.  During this gradual dose reduction process care givers individualize non-pharmacological interventions to assist with the symptoms the antipsychotic medication was prescribed to address.  

Why, WHen & Who's Involved

One a Month