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A Story of Hope   is a Video of one Texas Nursing Facilities Journey in Reducing Antipsychotic Medications.

Why Doctors Should Rarely Prescribe Antipsychotics in Texas Nursing Homes? Recorded Webinar

​Speakers Dr. Madeleine Biondolillo and Dr. Lisa Glenn 
Topics covered include:

  •  An overview of dementia, risk factors, differential diagnoses and making the diagnosis;
  • The impact of dementia in the United States – prevalence and financial costs related to dementia;
  • Current therapies and antipsychotic prescribing best practices; 
  • The scope and significance of CMS National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care.
  • ​The prevalence of antipsychotic use in Texas nursing homes, from 2011 to Q1 2015;
  • Barriers to reducing the inappropriate use of antipsychotic medications;
  • Details about the antipsychotic Quality Measures;
  • Medical Director and prescriber responsibilities related to the survey process; 
  • Quality Monitoring Program Initiatives and other resources available to prescribers.